Showcase The Authenticity Of Your Institution With Digital Stories Made By Your Audience

 How Can a dsE Course Benefit Your Institution? 

Digital Stories Made by Your Audience and Members

You might be a museum, art/cultural institution, or non-profit organization? Your interest is to provide your members and audience the most creative experience and opening doors for new ones while promoting your institution. You want to educate and inspire and we are here to help your endeavors. dsE course can be organized in many different ways with your group and the meaningful stories that we will create will showcase the authenticity of your institution and promote the values of your brand. Exciting, isn't it?

Digital Stories Made by Your Students

Present your art academy and your program through the creative stories made by your students - in a digital portfolio presenting their skills, talents and values. With digital storytelling as a powerful educational tool, we will provide your students with 21st-century skills and generate motivation, engagement and commitment within the classroom. By showcasing the stories of your current students we are opening the field of interactivity and fostering interest - with the future ones. Let's build meaningful connections!

→ dsE course will be fully customized to your institution's needs.

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As a digital storyteller and educator, Tina was wonderful. Her pedagogical approach to both professionals and non-professionals was astonishing. As a facilitator of the workshop, she demonstrated some interesting examples and was there to support the participants throughout the process. Following the process from the outside, I was very moved by the outcome. The students were excited and inspired by the experience, and absorbed lots of new information within a short time. We are grateful to Tina for introducing digital storytelling to our young dancers via the means of stories, images, and music. We consider booking a new workshop, and warmly recommend Tina as an educator for all age groups. She works with all her heart, without compromising on art.
Katja Köngäs, Art educator|Dance Teacher|Principal - Hurja Piruetti, Finland

We Teach Groups How to Make Digital Stories

1 Define and Write


2 Plan and Visualize


3  Record


4 Edit and Publish


dsE Course Syllabus

Benefits of Taking a dsE Course

→ dsE course will be fully customized to your institution's needs.

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Results of dsE Course

The group presenting your art institution, as a result, will have their and yours digital story! Individually, they will gain unique experience and future knowledge, values, and skills. While you, as the institution will have ready-made stories for your official website and share across your social media platforms. This will help in the authentic promotion of your institution or your program while establishing better connections with your audience.


The dsE certificate provided testifying that your group finished a 4-week digital storytelling course will include the name of your institution as co-partner of this course! Meaning your participants will gain essential knowledge regarding scriptwriting, storyboarding, copyright, film, and editing, and you as an institution will be part of that valuable process.


Your institution and your group will have indefinite access to a dsE Community after the course, which means you will have access to all the latest information from the fields of digital storytelling, art and creativity, and the future of education. Additionally, you will be informed of exciting opportunities and projects and network with people from the same industry as our educational partner.
Tina encouraged participants to share their emotions and stories and gave them the tools and the knowledge to transform them into a digital story. She put a lot of energy and heart into setting up a digital space where people could come together, learn about each other and learn about new ways to express themselves. I highly recommend you to cooperate with Tina as she has a broad experience of different approaches to digital storytelling as well as the motivation to provide you with a tailor-made concept that fits your organization's needs.

Simone Weininger, Referentin für Internationale Jugendarbeit und Jugendpolitik-BDKJ, Germany




→ dsE course will be fully customized to your institution's needs.

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 Tina's gracious mentoring and pedagogical focus allowed the students to learn the creative process and experience of poetical digital storytelling, despite the stressful shift to the cyberspace digital domain platform. I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in deeply learning the entire creative/technical process of digital story making to engage Tina!

David Yoken, Senior Music Lecturer, Arts Academy, Turku University, Finland


 dsE course will be fully customized to your institution's needs.

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