dsE Course for Artists and Creatives

Showcase Your Authenticity - Without Being Tech Overwhelmed and having to Compromise on Your Creativity

Who dsE Course Will work for?

It will work for you if you would like to:


 Use your creativity and talents and showcase your professional identity

Learn how to create your digital story without being tech overwhelmed

Share the passion and motivation hidden behind your work (your why) with the world 

Connect with your audience, customers, and clients in the most unique way

Attract ideal clients - the right ones for your creative business with your authentic story

Work on your own creative project inside of this course and that idea makes you so excited!


This will not work for you if:


✘ You are not motivated and excited about the creative work you are doing

✘  Word creativity don't sparkle your interest

✘ You don't have anything that you would like to share with the world

✘  You are a bit lazy, don't want to commit to the course and learn by doing, you are not excited to try something new

✘ You think that the work that you are doing at the moment is presenting you well and your clients are satisfied. You already attract the right audience for your business.

✘ You would like that somebody else makes a digital story about you


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We Will Teach You How to Make a Digital Story 

Write and Record Your Story

1 Define and Write

2 Plan and Visualize

3  Record

4 Edit and Publish

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Benefits of Taking dsE Course

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dsE Course Results


Your finished digital story showcasing your creative identity. Ready-made for your official website and sharing across your social media platforms. Now you are ready to attract new job opportunities, clients, or establishing better connections with your audience.


The certificate which is proving that you finished 4-week digital storytelling course meaning you have essential knowledge regarding scriptwriting, storyboarding, copyright, film and editing.



You will have indefinite access to dsE Community after your course, which means you will have access to all the latest information, as well you will be informed of exciting opportunities and projects and network with people from the same industry. 

+ + + dsE Course Bonus + + +





→ Save your spot today. The number of participants is limited.

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As a digital storyteller and educator, Tina was wonderful. Her pedagogical approach to both professionals and non-professionals was astonishing. Online classes posed their own challenges, but all in all the workshop was well prepared, and the instructions were clear and articulate. As a facilitator of the workshop, she demonstrated some interesting examples and was there to support the participants throughout the process. Following the process from the outside, I was very moved by the outcome. The students were excited and inspired by the experience, and absorbed lots of new information within a short time. We are grateful to Tina for introducing digital storytelling to our young dancers via the means of stories, images, and music. We consider booking a new workshop, and warmly recommend Tina as an educator for all age groups. She works with all her heart, without compromising on art.

Katja Köngäs, Art educator I Dance Teacher | Principal, Hurja Piruetti, Finland


Save your spot today. The number of participants is limited.

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