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Tina Bikic, Founder of dsE

B I O G R A P H Y 


Tina Bikic (1987.) is a digital storyteller and innovative educator based in Berlin.

Tina holds a MA in Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb (Croatia). She acted as the cultural director of Matrix Croatica branch, where she was responsible for the cultural and educational program which steered the modernization of the oldest cultural institution in Croatia. Her role there was divided between being a cultural manager and an innovative educator, wherein she created educational projects and workshops that were based on innovative methods: creative writing and using digital media in fields of art and education.

Some of the key events that have influenced her work:

x 2015 Tina collaborated on a project entitled ''Digital Exchange Croatia'', an educational and creative platform for digital storytellers in the realm of innovation and education in cross-media creation and production.
x 2017 Tina created and coordinated her Erasmus+ youth exchange project entitled "Rethink the future- Reinvent the city". The objectives of the project were aimed at the revolutionization of art, citizenship education, and intercultural learning.

x 2017 Tina established the first children's fairytale festival "TaDa!" dedicated to theatre, creative writing, and visual creativity.

x 2018 Tina Bikic created the innovative educational project entitled #Digital Stories Berlin: A project devoted to digital storytelling and its use in the development of 21st-century skills with both youth and adult non-formal education. The booklet from this educational experience is available online.

#DigitalStoriesBerlin project held digital storytelling workshops in Berlin Schools and institutions, where Tina gain additional skills impacting her role of innovative educator. She has participated in the project “Addressing Global Citizenship Education through Digital Storytelling”, where youth workers learned how to design and apply the Story Circle Methodology to implement Global Citizenship Education (GCE) using Digital Storytelling (DS) technique. She gained a certificate from ''Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling'', organized by Houston University, Texas, USA.

In her role as a digital storyteller, Tina uses film as both an artistic and educational tool, which is conducive to the rethinking and examining of the common spaces of the future. Aspiring to show both words and images on the screen, Tina combines dreamy imagery with poetic texts, in order to present the experience of unprecedented, yet possible reality. Her poetical approach to digital storytelling makes it possible to transform a personal experience into a film, by the use of experimental narratives, visual arts, and contemporary dance movements.

As an innovative educator, Tina responds to her need for creative experiments in the fields of both art and science. She is especially interested in the research of how Poetical Digital Storytelling can be used as an art form and educational tool – helping us to devise the future of a new Artistic Knowledge Production. In 2020 she became a founder of a digital storytelling platform named Digital Stories Europe, with working hubs in Berlin and Amsterdam. dsE is focused on organizing digital storytelling workshops online or on-site, intended for Artists, Creative Professionals, and Art Institutions.

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What inspires you? What moves you? Let's make a creative identity digital story using our creative skills. Show the world your WHY!

I will teach you how to make your digital story

1 Define and Write


2 Visualize and Plan


3 Record

4 Edit and Publish


Join me, let's influence humanity with art using our creative skills and showcasing our authenticity through digital storytelling!

What You Will Experience In Digital Storytelling?

In this short poetical digital story which explains excitement as emotion and what it means by being in the arts, I portray my vision by showing a digital storyteller in the role of a magician. For me, a digital storyteller is a deep traveler of space and time because he is capable to create new worlds using words, music, and visual expression. Everything we want to explain doesn't have to be self-explanatory. This is why we have our vision and this is why in the arts we rely so much on our intuition and emotions. Aren't we creating magic after all? Be courageous, storyteller!


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Tina helped me to get the best out of myself in a short time. She is very talented at guiding you step by step into a deep creative process, by addressing your creativity and teaching you the technical skills at the same time. It was impressive to watch the digital stories at the end of the workshop.” - Christoph Holbein-Munske


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